Crafting happiness for a successful world.

How would the world be if every child, every person, every professional, every company, every government, could have access to concrete information and solid tools to build their own happiness?


We are living in the golden age of the brain, the shift from information to knowledge society. Neurosciences have revealed, in a detailed and fascinating way, how our brain works, thus providing to all disciplines of our knowledge, the essential information to produce research, studies and experiments, which have shown that happiness pays. Happiness improves the health of people (-50% risk of cardiovascular disease), the performance of companies (+ 37% sales), the Educational and Social System (+11% better grades; ripple effect on generosity and cooperation).


We firmly believe that the ``greatest happiness principle`` (Word Happiness Report 2016) might be the necessary foundation of the new universal secular ethics and the practical tool, accessible to everyone in order to achieve a deep and positive change in the world.


To reach this aim, 2Bhappy Agency is committed to establish an international hub of experts, agents and broadcasters who, for various reasons, are already dealing with personal wellbeing and happiness, in order to make happiness itself a conscious choice, available to everyone, thanks to a trans-disciplinary method and effective tools for its proper application.

We want a Better World and we want to be the Agents of this change!